Florida Special U.S. House Election Set for June 24

Florida will hold a special U.S. House election to fill the vacant 19th district seat on June 24. This special election is needed because Congressman Trey Radel resigned on January 27. The 19th district is a strongly Republican seat on the southwest coast of Florida, including Fort Myers and Naples.

This will be the second special U.S. House election in Florida in the winter or spring of 2014. The special election in the 13th district is March 11.

The Florida vacancy stands in stark contrast with the vacant U.S. House seat in North Carolina. North Carolina Congressman Mel Watt resigned on January 6, 2014, but North Carolina voters won’t fill that vacancy until November 4, 2014. North Carolina says holding a special election before November would be too expensive and complicated.


Florida Special U.S. House Election Set for June 24 — No Comments

  1. If this was Virginia Foxx’s seat vacant the Governor would be quite sympathetic to the argument that 10+ months is too long for constituents to go without. So if there’s a applicant to West Point from Mel Watts’ district that doesn’t get nominated, or pork that ebbs to that same district, Gov McCrory is okay with that.

    Yeah, that’s the NC we know well, minority communities are to be denied representation whenever possible. That’s the narrative because that’s what’s going on.

    If it’s so necessary for the feds to mandate that states must employ single-member districts for all their delegation it might be in order to also insure that vacancy filling be uniform enough. One state gets Connie Mack back in office ASAP and another becomes vacant earlier and was the subject of a Supreme Court’s vision of representation is told the state doesn’t have money to waste on such things. It is grotesque.

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