Text of Congressional Bill for Public Funding Now Available — No Comments

  1. What about the ANTI-Democracy minority rule gerrymanders that create the left/right control freak MONSTERS in the gerrymander Congress ???

    i.e. the bill is yet one more STUNT scheme distraction to give the EVIL false appearance that the regime is *democratic*

    — when in fact it is an EVIL and VICIOUS monarchy / oligarchy — since 1789 (for the USA regime).

    Save REAL Democracy.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  2. 512 a 1, a 2, 513 a 1 A and B. Well those certainly don’t greatly restrict which candidates are eligible, nope…
    Only the very strongest third party candidates are ever going to be able to meet those requirements, and even then some of those requirements are vague enough that they could be twisted by those who would restrict the ballot for political gain. This bill is exactly what I was initially afraid it would be, unfortunately.
    For instance, Paula Bradshaw (ran for IL-12th House district) got 5.6% of the vote, but received well under $50,000 in donations for her campaign (about $12,000 in fact, after a quick glance at the Open Secrets website). Despite her decent vote total in the end, she would not have qualified for public funding during her campaign if the bill existed then as it stands now. And I’m sure that there are other third party candidates that would end up not qualifying despite otherwise decent levels of support.

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