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District of Columbia Primary Ballots Will Not Include Attorney General

On February 7, a District of Columbia Superior Court refused to order the D.C. Board of Elections to list the office of Attorney General on primary ballots. The primary is on April 1. See this story.

In 2010 the voters had passed a charter amendment saying the office would become elective, starting in 2014. The wording on the ballot said the first election would be in 2014, but the actual charter amendment (which wasn’t printed on the ballot because it was far too lengthy) just said the first election would be after January 1, 2014. Years after the charter amendment passed, the city council passed an ordinance saying the first election will be in 2018.

As the story says, it is still possible there will be an Attorney General election in November 2014, because a bill pending in the City Council provides that all candidates for that office would run in November 2014. Party labels would be on the ballot, but there would be no party nominees. The charter amendment says the Attorney General’s election will be a partisan election, so the bill itself, if it passes, may be challenged in court.

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  1. Demo Rep

    How many New Age brain dead morons are there writing the byzantine election laws in DUMB City ???

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

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