Nebraska Bill Lets Parties Dissolve Themselves

Nebraska State Senator John Murante (R-Gretna) has introduced an omnibus election law bill, LB 1048. Among other provisions, it says a ballot-qualified party can dissolve itself if it files notice by November 1 of the year before an election. This provision is surely part of the bill because Americans Elect qualified for party status in Nebraska (and many other states) and then decided not to run any candidates.


Nebraska Bill Lets Parties Dissolve Themselves — No Comments

  1. Just South Carolina, Arizona, and South Dakota. Many states took Americans Elect off the ballot because the party officers in Washington DC asked that this be done, even though there was no provision in state law to do that. After the 2012 election was over, Americans Elect was still ballot-qualified in 12 states, but it has lost most of those because the party wanted itself dissolved and many states complied. It went off the California ballot last month because its registration was below one-fifteenth of 1% on the Jan. 1, 2014 deadline.

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