New York City Increases Font Size for 2014 Ballots

New York city ballots in 2014 and future years will be easier to read than they were in 2013. See this story, which says the Board found a way to increase the font size of the names of candidates and parties. Thanks to Michael Drucker for the link.


New York City Increases Font Size for 2014 Ballots — No Comments

  1. See the many regimes that have blown up or are now UNSTABLE due to multi-language machinations —

    Canada – English – French

    How about more symbols (cats, dogs, whatever) and even candidate photos —
    see the various ballots in regimes having lots of illiterate voters.

  2. Anything that makes it easier for voters to actually being able to read the ballot should be welcome. And, it would be great if the ballots had the pictures of the candidates faces, particularly when there are candidates with similar names.

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