Ohio Constitution Party Runs Candidate Against Speaker John Boehner

James J. Condit, Jr., has filed to appear on the Ohio Constitution Party primary ballot, for U.S. House, 8th district. Condit has run against House Speaker John Boehner twice in the past, and intends to do so again in 2014. See this story, which names all the candidates who filed in the 8th district for a spot on a primary ballot.

In November 2012, no one appeared on the ballot against Boehner, but Condit was a write-in candidate, polling 1,938 write-ins. In November 2010, Boehner had opponents from the Democratic, Libertarian, and Constitution Parties. The November 2010 vote was: Republican 142,731; Democratic 65,883; Libertarian 5,121; Constitution 3,701.


Ohio Constitution Party Runs Candidate Against Speaker John Boehner — No Comments

  1. “Candidates are not required to live in the district that they represent, the just have to live in the state.” This must be a federal thing but I’d rather vote for a candidate that lived in my district, rather then someone who was shopping for the best district to possible win in.

  2. Probably, but they haven’t been checked yet. But he has done successful petitions before, and he only needed 25 signatures.

  3. John Boehner needs to go. He is a corporate lapdog and has done nothing to help Americans or America. He is a lying hypocrite and his 5 minutes are up! A vote against him is a vote for America. He had his chance and started with good ideas and principals but he is not that guy anymore – if he ever was. He has done more to damage America in his time as speaker then any other person before him. He leads a “do nothing congress” that i focused on actively hurting American families. DO NOT RE-ELECT THIS MAN!!!! He is the devil and Paul Ryan is the Anti Christ!!!

  4. Well, I also think he needs to go , So have you seen who else is running ? J.D. Winteregg. I wish these people were able to get on tv and advertise. Boehner needs to go !

  5. boehner must go home, retired to paly golf. he is rich enough in pain of 99% deny jobs,educ+aca+assalt women rights+vote suppression+defund vet +deny help for homeowner losing their own roof+lobbyst+greed agenda “hell no,hell no” It is time to go! taxapyers cant afford this kind of luxury whes families are deny farm bill. let use the mississippi river “chief river” to clean kentucky, ohio, wisconsin, missouri,texas,florida, s +n carolina+louisiana

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