Florida Special U.S. House Election Poll

On February 12, a Tampa Bay Times/WUSF Public Media poll for the March 11 special election in Florida’s 13th district was released. See this story. After “leaners” are included, the results are: Democratic Alex Sink 42%, Republican David Jolly 35%, Libertarian Lucas Overby 4%, other or undecided 19%. There is also a declared write-in candidate in the race, Michael Levinson, and the story mentions him but does not list any poll result for him.

The poll shows that Overby gets support from 9% of voters who describe themselves as independents. Thanks to Political Wire for the link.


Florida Special U.S. House Election Poll — No Comments

  1. well, that can’t be right.

    Florida Libertarians keep telling us that the polls show Overby within a few points of winning this race…. he’s a history making candidate, i tell ya!

    as only the 14th libertarian candidate for u.s. house to debate nationally on c-span 3, he should be in striking distance of victory.

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