New Mexico Bill Making Some Ballot Access Improvements Passes House

On February 14, the New Mexico House unanimously passed HB 328, which makes some ballot access improvements: (1) it moves the petition deadline for a newly-qualifying party from April to late June; (2) it cuts the number of signatures needed for minor party nominees in mid-term years, from approximately 8,000 to approximately 6,000 for statewide office, with proportionate decreases for other office as well; (3) it provides that the petition to create a new party will be accepted if it appears on its face to have enough valid signatures, with no need to check each signature.

An identical bill, SB 125, has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee. These bills only exist because in December 2013, the Constitution Party won its lawsuit against the April petition deadline for newly-qualifying parties. Thanks to Rick Lass for this news.

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