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Colorado Legislative Hearing Set for Approval Voting Bill

The Colorado House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee will hear HB 1062 on Wednesday, March 12. This is a bill to let local governments use Approval Voting for non-partisan elections. Approval Voting lets voters cast one vote for each candidate they favor, even though only one person is being elected to fill the office. For instance, if Approval Voting existed for President, a voter in 2000 could have voted for both Al Gore and Ralph Nader. Thanks to Frank Atwood for this news.

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  1. Very nice site thank you

  2. Demo Rep

    Some minimal progress.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V. — in ALL regimes – pending advanced head to head (Condorcet) math.

  3. Anyone who wants to help the Approval Voting movement should contact Frank Atwood in Littleton, Colorado. He is leading the effort. His email is frank_atwood80120@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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