Tentative California List of Candidates for State Office Shows Very Few Minor Party and Independent Candidates for Legislature

The California Secretary of State has a tentative list of candidates for state office at this web page. It lists everyone who has filed to be on the June 2014 primary ballot. However, because every candidate needs at least either 40 or 65 valid signatures (depending on type of office), not all candidates on this list are necessarily on the ballot, because not all petitions have been checked yet. Also, for races with no incumbent running, the filing deadline is on March 12, so a few names may yet be added for certain races.

The list shows no independent or minor party candidates for State Senate, except for Green Party member Jack Lindblad. For Assembly, there are four candidates who are not registered members of any qualified party, and one minor party candidate, Pamela Elizondo of the Green Party. One of the no-party candidates for the legislature is Emidio (Mimi) Soltysik. He is registered “Socialist”, but he will not have that label on the ballot because California law does not permit the names of unqualified parties to be on the ballot.

For the statewide offices, there are many independent candidates for Governor, but no independent candidates for any other office, except for Orly Taitz for Attorney General, and Dan Schnur for Secretary of State. Minor party candidates for statewide office are: Libertarian, Jonathan Jaech for Attorney General; Green, Luis R. Rodriguez for Governor, Jena Goodman for Lieutenant Governor, David S. Curtis for Secretary of State, Ellen Brown for Treasurer, Laura Wells for Controller; Peace & Freedom, Cindy Sheehan for Governor and Nathalie Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner; Americans Elect, Alan Reynolds for Lieutenant Governor; American Independent, Robert Ornelas for Governor.

There are eight independent candidates for Governor.


Tentative California List of Candidates for State Office Shows Very Few Minor Party and Independent Candidates for Legislature — 5 Comments

  1. You would think the Calif. Sec. of State could present a list that is easier to search. Organization by office would be so much more useful.

  2. This is a list of candidates who have filed paperwork to set up a campaign committee for fundraising. My understanding is that you can run for office without doing so, provided you don’t raise or spend more than some set amount. I believe that at least one Peace and Freedom candidate is running who is not on this list.

  3. And conversely. I suspect that lots of people on this list did not actually file yesterday. For example, Charles M. Calderon is listed here for three separate offices. Presumably he filed for at most one of them.

  4. Or Massachusetts. They will not post unofficial primary results on their website. You can read them in the newspaper, but not from the SOS office.

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