Libertarians Enter Two Key U.S. Senate Races

On March 8, the Georgia Libertarian Party, which nominates by convention, chose its 2014 candidates. The party is on the ballot for all the statewide offices, but not the district or county offices. The party nominated Amanda Swafford for the U.S. Senate seat. She has twice been elected to the Flowery Branch city council. The last time Georgia held a U.S. Senate election, in 2010, the Libertarian nominee received 2.69%.

On March 10, Roger Roots entered the Montana Libertarian primary for U.S. Senate. Since no one else filed, he will be the nominee. See this story about all the candidates who filed for the Montana seat. In 2012, the Libertarian nominee for the other Montana U.S. Senate seat polled 6.56% of the vote in a race in which no one received a majority.

Both the Georgia and Montana U.S. Senate seats are open; incumbents Max Baucus (Democrat) and Saxby Chambliss (Republican) aren’t running for re-election.


Libertarians Enter Two Key U.S. Senate Races — No Comments

  1. In separate news, two candidates filed for the LP nomination for US Senate in Northcarolina. That means that we will see only the second ever LPNC primary. Sean Haugh is a longtime LP activist. Tin D’annunzio switched registration from the Republican Party last year. He was a two-time candidate for the Republican nomination in the 8th Congressional District.

  2. There is a Libertarian running for U.S. Senate in West Virginia, but their website has not yet listed the winner of their nominating convention. The 2014 LPWV candidate is either John Buckley or Dr. Thomas Coyne:

    Davy Jones appears to be the LPWV candidate for the open 2nd Congressional district which is being vacated by 7-term congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito to run for the open senate seat that is being vacated by John Davidson “Jay” Rockefeller, IV.

    Phil Hudok of the Constitution Party his actively collecting petition signatures for ballot access in this OPEN SEAT race as well:

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