Nevada Green Party Nominates its First Candidates Since 2010

The Nevada Green Party has nominated David Gibson for Governor, and Tim Reinhardt for Secretary of State. They are the first Green Party nominees in Nevada since 2010. The party did not appear on the 2012 ballot. In order to get back on the ballot, the party will need 9,738 valid signatures by April 11.

In 1986, the Libertarian Party defeated Nevada’s April petition deadline in U.S. District Court, and the state did not appeal, and moved the deadline for newly-qualifying parties to June. In 1992, a U.S. District Court enjoined that June petition deadline, in a case filed by the New Alliance, Natural Law, and Populist Parties. The legislature then moved the deadline to July. However, in recent years, the legislature has moved the deadline back to April.

Nevada currently has four ballot-qualified parties: Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, and Independent American (which is affiliated with the national Constitution Party). UPDATE: here is a newspaper story that summarizes candidate filings for the statewide offices.


Nevada Green Party Nominates its First Candidates Since 2010 — No Comments

  1. I wish the Nevada Green Party luck. It’d be great to see the Green Party run candidates in more states.

  2. One of their candidates must get a vote total that equals 1% of the total vote cast in the state for US House.

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