New York Daily News Again Attacks Independence Party of New York State

The New York Daily News has this editorial, attacking the Independence Party of New York state. This particular newspaper has been running such attacks on the party for several years.

The New York Independence Party functioned as the New York state affiliate of the Reform Party between 1996 and early 2000. In 2000, the New York party cut its ties to the national Reform Party and nominated John Hagelin for President. In 2004 it nominated Ralph Nader for President. In 2008 it nominated John McCain for President, and in 2012 it had no presidential nominee. Thanks to Rick Hasen for the link.


New York Daily News Again Attacks Independence Party of New York State — No Comments

  1. This is why ballot status for parties in New York State shouldn’t be pinned to the votes they get for one office.

  2. NYSBOE — NY Election “Law” == Systemic Treason under color of law

  3. The Daily News can’t justly complain about alternative/minor parties unless they’re prepared to look at partisan regulation as a whole, as a plaything of the major parties.

    When partisan regulation, ballot access and electoral incentives are no longer captive to and totally favor the major parties, THEN take other parties to task for the odd stuff they estimate they must do to survive.

    All bad politics is sponsored by the never-justified two-party system. That is the actual trap voters are stuck in, NY Daily News

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