U.S. District Court in Ohio Asks Republican Party State Chair to Testify in Libertarian Ballot Access Case

The U.S. District Court Judge who is hearing the Ohio Libertarian Party primary ballot access has requested that the Ohio Republican Party state chair testify, presumably on Monday, March 17. Probably the testimony will try to determine the links between the Republican Party and the three challengers who challenged the Libertarian statewide primary petitions.


U.S. District Court in Ohio Asks Republican Party State Chair to Testify in Libertarian Ballot Access Case — 5 Comments

  1. THIS should be good. I hope the media is there.
    From the looks of the court battles over the years, plus the vote on the HB 260 in 2009 and SB 193 in 2013 the GOP is consistently trying to supress voting for minor parties.

  2. Exactly, about time. This is voter suppression in its purest form. This is not just about the Libertarian Party, it is about the voters having their choices of whom they may vote for taken away by the establishment Republicans.
    Bob Sherwin
    Libertarian Candidate for Ohio House District 57

  3. You are 100% correct! This is not American. I would like to see the entire State out there peacefully surrounding the area and making a very clear statement. They should be ashamed of themselves and every citizen in the State of Ohio has a right to know what is going on! I know of someone who is thinking about opening a FB and twitter account calling for the discontinuation of their communist type control tactics.

  4. Also, they obviously feel quite threatened by the Libertarians or they wouldn’t be going to so much trouble to suppress us and the people. If the people only knew and understood how far reaching this is! Needs to be on the front of every newspaper!

  5. Charlie, hope you get justice an element been missing a long time. Which was to be supreme law of the land that all would follow as no one was above so foolish laws would not be passed. Today they treat Regulation as laws and have sent committees to eat out our substance and from where I sit they look about done.

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