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California Special Election Returns, State Senate District 23

On March 25, California held a special election for State Senate, 23rd district. The Libertarian, Jeff Hewitt, a city councilman, placed fourth in a five-person race, polling 6.5%. This is the 86th election for federal or state office in which a minor party member has run in a top-two system, and in which there were at least two major party members running. In all 86 instances, the minor party member did not place first or second. Here is a link to the election returns.

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  1. Jim Riley

    Do you think that the listing of candidates by party is due to the incompetence on the part of the Secretary of State, or do you think it is part of a deliberate effort to sabotage the Open Primary?

  2. Demo Rep

    1. Cost per vote ???

    2. No special vacancy elections — candidates / incumbent rank order lists for replacements.

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