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Oklahoma Ballot Access Bill Advances

On April 2, the Oklahoma Senate Rules Committee passed HB 2134 by a vote of 16-1. The bill lowers the number of signatures for a newly-qualifying party from 5% of the last vote cast for the office at the top of the ballot, to 2.5% of the same base. It has already passed the House.

The lone “no” vote was cast by Senator Rob Johnson (R-Kingfisher). The Senate Rules Committee made a technical move to guarantee that, assuming the bill passes the Senate, it still needs to go to a conference committee. Thanks to E. Zachary Knight for this news. UPDATE: the web page of Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform has more detail.

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  1. Kevin Knedler

    “Last vote” of what ?
    Governor? POTUS?

  2. “last vote cast for the office at the top of the ballot”

    That is always either the race for governor or the race for President. To form a new party this year, the 5% was to be derived from the 2012 Presidential race. In 2012 it was derived from the 2010 governor race.

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