Pew Center Releases Study Comparing Election Administration in Each State

On April 8, the Pew Center released a comprehensive, objective study of election administration in each state. Here is a link to the Report. The link says the study is dated February 2014, but actually it was just released.

See this news story about the study. The study did not include ballot access, but some of the states found to have the poorest performance happen to be states with severe ballot access laws, such as Alabama, California, and Oklahoma.


Pew Center Releases Study Comparing Election Administration in Each State — No Comments

  1. ANTI-Democracy minority rule gerrymanders in ALL 50 State legislatures.

    i.e. correctly counting the gerrymander votes is super-fraud meaningless.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  2. Some states, such as California, have taken the power to redraw legislative districts out of the hands of legislatures.

  3. Minority rule math regardless of who or what is drawing the gerrymander district lines —

    1/2 votes x 1/2 gerrymander areas = 1/4 CONTROL indirectly

    — i.e. Donkey or Elephant special interest gangs.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  4. The weighting of the various factors is subjective.

    Heavily weighted is registration and turnout.

    Hawaii had abysmal turnout, but moved up because it had short wait times. Wait times are typically shortest in small rural states, where there is likely never a wait unless a moose wanders into the polling place.

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