New Jersey Democratic Congressional Candidate Benefits from March 31 Ruling that Struck Down New Jersey Residency Requirement for Circulators

As already noted, on March 31, a New Jersey Superior Court Judge struck down New Jersey’s law that won’t let petitioners work outside their own district. On April 8, Democratic congressional candidate Janice Kovach benefited from that decision, when an Administrative Law Judge restored her to the June 3 ballot. Kovach, the only Democrat running in the Seventh District, had initially been rejected because she was told she didn’t have at least 200 valid signatures of registered Democrats. She did have enough valid signatures, but some of them had been rejected because one of her circulators doesn’t live in the district.

The Administrative Law Judge who put Kovach back on the ballot seems to have based the decision on Kovach’s argument that Kovach herself, not the out-of-district circulator, co-circulated the petition. See this story. Thanks to William Fenwick for this news.

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