Four Parties Win Seats in Quebec Legislature

Quebec held a provincial legislative election on April 7. Four parties elected state legislators, even though Quebec, like all Canadian provinces, uses the same “first past the post” election system that the United States uses. See this analysis of where each of the four parties won seats. Thanks to Thomas Jones for the link.


Four Parties Win Seats in Quebec Legislature — No Comments

  1. Louisiana, Washington, California, and Nebraska do not use FPTP to elect members of their national assemblies.

  2. All 4 of such State regimes have plurality winners in GENERAL elections in the various pack/crack gerrymander districts.
    The top 2 PRIMARY stuff is one more major distraction.

    Canada regimes — about 20 percent minority rule due to 3-5 larger parties.

    USA regimes – about 30 percent minority rule – Donkeys or Elephants.

  3. I disagree with Jim Riley, who implies that Top Two is a form of two-round runoff. Both politically and in terms of social choice theory, it is much closer to FPTP than it is to two-round runoff.

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