Los Angeles Times Carries Story on How Top-Two Primary has Injured Minor Parties

The Los Angeles Times of April 15 has a story, “Top-two primary might be bad for small-party candidates.” It has a picture of Cindy Sheehan, a member of the Peace & Freedom Party who is running for Governor of California this year. The link may work for readers, or it might result in the reader being told to become a subscriber in order to gain access to the article. Try this link. The story does not mention any information about how top-two has worked in Washington state.

The story is noteworthy because it quotes an advisor to former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as saying, “Obviously, the need for third parties, smaller parties, to remain active participants is important; and as we implement this system, the need to make appropriate adjustments will become apparent as the system unfolds.” This is the very time when Governor Schwarzenegger or anyone associated with him has even acknowledged the existence of minor parties.


Los Angeles Times Carries Story on How Top-Two Primary has Injured Minor Parties — No Comments

  1. Have ANY of the genius MORON election law reformer petition folks in CA heard about —
    P.R. (around since the 1840s – repeat 1840s) and
    App.V (around since the 1970s – repeat 1970s) ???

  2. To: Coalition of Seven “PRESS TEAM”
    From: James Ogle
    Subject: PRESS RELEASE for 4/20/2014 KICK-OFF
    (831) 383-1409

    651 Cannery Row, B-18


    The 9th USA Parliament kicks off their 2014 elections on 4/20/2014
    with the online release of five super-state parliament eballots
    linked to the American Parliament’s “Vote Here” tab.

    Each super-state district; California, PacificNW, Texas, Mid-West
    and Mid-Atlantic, will “simultaneously elect” up to 1000
    members of super-state parliament (MSPs).

    California’s “Coalition of Seven”:

    Joe Leicht [Independent] for Ca’s State Governor
    Amos Johnson [Peace and Freedom] for Lt. Governor (tie)
    Alan Reynolds [Americans Elect] for Lt. Governor (tie)
    Jeffrey Drobman [Democratic] for Secretary of State
    Tammy Blair [Democratic] for Controller
    Jonathan Jaech [Libertarian] for Attorney General

    There will be a write-in campaign to get the “Coalition of Seven”
    nominated and elected to the California super-state parliament.

    See the results of the twelve candidates’ voting here:

    For more information call (831) 383-1409
    * * *

    TOTALS of Eballots cast, updated on 4/14/2014:

    8,2,1,6,4,2 Jonathan Jaech for Attorney General [Libertarian] (6 tics, sum 23)
    4,1,4,9,2,3 Joe Leicht for Governor [Independent] (6 tics, sum 23)
    2,4,10,3,3,10 Amos Johnson for Lt. Governor [Peace & Freedom] (6 tics, sum 32)
    13,3,2,7,6,1 Alan Reynolds for Lt. Governor [Americans Elect] (6 tics, sum 32)
    5,10,8,1,4,7 Janel Buycks for Governor [Non-partisan] (6 tics, sum 35)
    6,8,4,1,9,9 Jeffrey H. Drobman for Secretary of State [Democratic] (6 tics, sum 37)
    7,9,7,2,5,11 Tammy Blair for Controller [Democratic] (6 tics, sum 41)
    9,5,3,8,6 Ronald Gold for Attorney General [Republican] (5 tics, sum 31)
    10,6,6,12,5 David Evans for Controller [Republican] (5 tics, sum 41)
    12,11,5,10,12 Richard Aguirre for Governor [Republican] (5 tics, sum 50)
    11,12,12,11,7 Glenn Champ for Governor [Republican] (5 tics, sum 53)
    7,5,8,11 Roy Allmond for Secretary of State [Republican] (4 tics, sum 41)
    1 Cindy Sheehan (Peace and Freedom) (1 tic, sum 1)
    3 Luis Rodrigez (Green) (1 tic, sum 3)
    * * *

  3. In Washington, the number of legislative districts with mixed representation has increased under Top 2.

  4. WA state reps – 2 party hacks get separately elected in the same gerrymander district.

    The overall minority rule gerrymander system continues – regardless of the WA top 2 primary.

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