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David Curtis, Green Candidate for California Secretary of State, Fights for Admission Into Sacramento Press Club Debate

The Sacramento Press Club, a non-profit public benefit educational corporation, is hosting a debate for candidates for California Secretary of State at noon on April 23 (Wednesday). However, so far, the Press Club has not invited David Curtis, Green Party candidate, even though the Press Club has invited two other candidates who have less voter support than Curtis, according to the April 10 California Poll.

The Press Club has invited Dan Schnur, independent, who was at 4% in that poll, as well as Derek Cressman, Democrat, who was at 3% in the same poll. Here is the letter that Curtis’s attorney has sent to the Press Club, pointing out that federal law requires debate sponsors to use objective criteria when they decide which candidates to invite into debates. Paradoxically, Curtis is a member of the Sacramento Press Club and he will be at the event, either in the audience or possibly as a late-entry into the debate. UPDATE: here is a news story.

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  1. Jim Riley

    The Sacramento Press Club likely made their decision on whom to invite prior to the release of a badly-flawed Field Poll – which changed its question midway during the polling period.

    How do you or the Sacramento Press Club know that Gautum Dutta is representing David Curtis in this matter? Because he used “we” and wrote demand?

    Did David Curtis make the fraud complaint to the IRS, or was that made by Dutta on his behalf?

  2. Hello, I made the fraud report to the IRS on their website, any member of the general public may do so.

  3. I have retained Gautam Dutta to represent me in this matter. Call his office Monday. Best regards, DC

  4. Jim Riley

    His letter did not indicate that he was representing you.

  5. Joshua H.

    The Establishment’s at it again it seems, blocking alternative candidates from debates and subverting democratic elections. This reminds me of what happened to Robert Sarvis last year.
    I hope David Curtis wins this fight and gets included in the debate. I hope, but I worry that the IRS is too corrupt to properly do its job these days.

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