Rasmussen Poll for Florida Gubernatorial Race

On April 24, Rasmussen released results of its Florida gubernatorial poll. Respondents were asked, “Suppose you had a choice between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist. If the election were held today, would you vote for Republican Rick Scott or Democrat Charlie Crist?”

Even though respondents were thus discouraged from expressing support for any other candidate, the results are: Crist 45%, Scott 39%, “someone else” 6%, undecided 10%. Adrian Wyllie, a Libertarian, has been campaigning for Governor, and one wonders what the results would have been if the poll had mentioned him. Thanks to PoliticalWire for this news.


Rasmussen Poll for Florida Gubernatorial Race — No Comments

  1. Figures. Rasmussen has got to be the most anti-third party/independent candidate polling agency out there.

  2. The problem with “someone else” is that many people choose that because they wish someone else was running, not because they know of another candidate that’s in the race.

    You’d hope the Libertarian was at 6%, but I fear the reality is much closer to 1%. I really wish these firms would include major minor party candidates to give some clarity the results.

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