California Gubernatorial Poll for All Fifteen Candidates on Ballot

Earlier this month, Clear Path Strategies conducted a poll for the June 3 California gubernatorial primary. This was not a telephone poll. Instead, all respondents were shown a list of all fifteen candidates on the ballot, which includes their party membership and their occupation. See this San Francisco Chronicle story for the results (the results for each candidate are near the bottom of the story).

Luis Rodriguez, Green Party candidate, is at 2.6%. Cindy Sheehan, Peace & Freedom Party candidate, is at 2.3%. Robert Newman, an independent who has been endorsed by the Constitution Party, is at 3.1%.

Jerry Brown is at 45.6% and Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is second with 18.3%.


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    More than twelve of the forty-five state-wide candidates for state office were contacted about working together under a unifying all-party voting system including five Republican candidates of whom two are running for governor.

    Twelve candidates of the 45 ballot-qualified candidates who accepted and agreed to be in communication via email have been participating to varying degrees. Six of them have voted for the top names for the state-wide slate and more are expected to vote (as only candidates may vote) as they learn more about how the mathematical unity is generated.

    Of the six who voted, six were elected; Candidate for Governor Joe Leicht [Independent] is currently heading up the slate and the internal candidate-only team voting has rules which allow the team’s voting to continue through May 7th, 2014.

    Joe Leicht [Independent] for State Governor
    Amos Johnson [Peace and Freedom] for Lt. Governor (tie)
    Alan Reynolds [Americans Elect] for Lt. Governor (tie)
    Jeffrey Drobman [Democratic] for Secretary of State
    Tammy Blair [Democratic] for Controller
    Jonathan Jaech [Libertarian] for Attorney General

    There will be a write-in campaign to get the “Coalition of Seven” nominated and elected.

    Jonathan Jaech, Libertarian candidate for Attorney General of California said; “I’m participating in this as a way to build bridges to candidates running as independents or with other parties.”

    See the results of the twelve candidates’ voting here:

    Vote Here in the 2014 Super-state Elections:
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