Survey USA Georgia Gubernatorial Poll Shows Libertarian Nominee Andrew Hunt at 9%

On April 29, Survey USA released a Georgia poll, including a gubernatorial general election poll. The results: Republican incumbent Nathan Deal 41%, Democrat Jason Carter 37%, Libertarian Andrew Hunt 9%, undecided 13%. See here for more detail.

If Hunt did poll 9%, that would be the highest share of the vote for a Georgia gubernatorial candidate running outside the major parties since 1898, when the Peoples Party nominee J. R. Hogan got 30.2% of the vote in a two-candidate race. If the Libertarians could get 9% for Governor, a proposed lawsuit that would argue it is unconstitutional to keep that party off the ballot for U.S. House races (unless a petition is completed that is so difficult, it has never been used by any new or minor party) would be overwhelmingly strong. Thanks to PoliticalWire for the link.


Survey USA Georgia Gubernatorial Poll Shows Libertarian Nominee Andrew Hunt at 9% — No Comments


    More than twelve of the forty-five state-wide candidates for
    state office were contacted about working together under
    a unifying all-party voting system including five Republican
    candidates of whom two are running for governor.

    Twelve candidates of the 45 ballot-qualified candidates
    who accepted and agreed to be in communication via email
    have been participating to varying degrees. Seven of
    them have voted for the top names for the state-wide
    slate and more are expected to vote (as only candidates
    may vote) as they learn more about how the mathematical
    unity is generated.

    Of the seven who voted, five were elected; Candidate for
    Governor of California Joe Leicht [Independent] is currently
    heading up the slate and the internal candidate-only team
    voting has rules which allow the team’s voting to continue
    through May 7th, 2014.

    Jonathan Jaech [Libertarian] for Attorney General
    Joe Leicht [Independent] for Governor
    Alan Reynolds [Americans Elect] for Lt. Governor
    Tammy Blair [Democratic] for Controller
    Jeffrey Drobman [Democratic] for Secretary of State

    There will be a write-in campaign to get the
    “Coalition of Seven” nominated and elected.

    Jonathan Jaech, Libertarian candidate for
    Attorney General of California said; “I’m
    participating in this as a way to build bridges
    to candidates running as independents or
    with other parties.”

    See the results of the candidates’ voting here:

    Vote Here in the 2014 Super-state Elections:
    * * *

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