Eleventh Circuit Denies Georgia’s Request for Delay of Trial in Ballot Access Case

On April 25, the Eleventh Circuit denied Georgia’s request that the trial in Green Party of Georgia v State be put on hold. On April 4, the state had asked the Eleventh Circuit to suspend the case so the state would have time to ask for U.S. Supreme Court review, but that request has now been denied.

Georgia has now lost three times in the Eleventh Circuit. First, the Eleventh Circuit remanded the case for a trial; that happened on January 26. Then the state asked for rehearing, and that was denied on March 26.

The issue in the case is whether Georgia ballot access for presidential candidates is too difficult. No one has complied with the petition for President since 2000. Georgia and Indiana are the only two states with petition procedures so difficult that they haven’t been used in any of the last three presidential elections. Georgia requires approximately 50,000 valid signatures, and each petition sheet must be notarized. Thanks to Mike Raffauf for the latest news.

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