Vermont Conference Committee Moves Independent Candidate Petition Deadline from June to August

On May 2, a Vermont legislative conference committee approved a re-write of Senate Bill 86. The new version of the bill moves the independent petition candidate deadline from June to August. The bill sets August 1 as the presidential petition deadline, and the deadline for independent candidates running for other office will be the Thursday before the primary.

The re-written bill also sets the primary date as the second Tuesday of August. Current law has the primary on the fourth Tuesday in August, and the House had wanted the primary on the first Tuesday of August. Assuming the bill passes, the 2014 independent candidate petition deadline will be August 7 and the primary will be August 12.

The Senate will vote on the new version of the bill on August 5. Assuming the revised bill passes, there will be only four states with independent presidential petition deadlines earlier than July: North Carolina, Texas, New Mexico, and Illinois.

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