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Both Statewide Initiative Petitions in Illinois Are Challenged in Court

Two statewide initiative petitions were submitted in Illinois last month. One provides for a nonpartisan redistricting commission, and one imposes term limits on state legislators. Both are the subject of attempts to have them disqualified, on the basis that neither subject is permitted. See this story, which gives details about the schedule for the challenges.

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  1. Demo Rep

    Will the States having *regular* constitutional amendment voter petitions have to liberate the other States the very hard way — to END the rule of the ANTI-Democracy gerrymander oligarchs ??

  2. Jim Riley

    Here is a little bit more about the lawsuit, which was filed before the petition was filed.


    I found a link that was supposed to be to the complaint but it was dead. The case number is 2014-CH-07356, but it only lists the parties.

    Mike Madigan is the Democratic Party boss in Illinois. His daughter is Lisa Madigan, attorney general. Since one of the defendants is the Illinois Board of Elections, she will be representing them.

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