Trial Finally Starts in Florida U.S. House Redistricting Lawsuit Filed Over Two Years Ago

Following the 2010 census, the Florida legislature was charged with redrawing the U.S. House districts under a new state constitutional amendment that is meant to end partisan gerrymandering. The amendment says the legislature must not draw the boundaries with intent to help any particular party.

The Republican-majority legislature drew maps in 2011. Many observers felt the new boundaries were, indeed, drawn to help the Republican Party. In February 2012, two separate lawsuits were filed in state court, to overturn the new U.S. House district boundaries. These cases, Romo v Scott and League of Women Voters of Florida v Browning, were consolidated in March 2012.

The trial in these cases is is about to begin. Opening statements were presented on Friday, May 9, and the trial starts on May 12. See this story. The outcome will have no effect on the 2014 election, but if the districts are invalidated, the legislature will be required to draw new ones in 2015.

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