Former Nebraska Legislator Somewhat Likely to Run for U.S. House as an Independent Candidate

According to this story, it is somewhat likely that former Nebraska State Senator Chip Maxwell will run for U.S. House this year, 2nd district as an independent. If he runs, he needs 2,000 signatures by September 1.

Maxwell was a State Senator between 2000 and 2004. At the time he was a registered Republican. He switched his party affiliation to “independent” on December 31, 2013, keeping his options open for running as an independent in 2014. He has a two-hour radio show every Saturday morning and is the author of a book. Here is his web page.

Nebraska’s Second District is centered on Omaha and is the only U.S. House seat in Nebraska which is competitive between the two major parties. In November 2012, the vote was: Republican Lee Terry 133,964; Democrat John W. Ewing 129,767.

This year, the Libertarian Party also has a nominee for the 2nd district seat, Steven Laird. In order to win the Libertarian nomination, he had to defeat another Libertarian in the party’s primary. It is rare for any minor party to have a contested primary in Nebraska.

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