South Dakota Poll for Governor and U.S. Senator Shows Strong Support for Independent Candidates

On May 16, SurveyUSA released this South Dakota poll, which has both the Governor’s race and the U.S. Senate race.

For Governor, the results are: Republican Dennis Daugaard 57%, Democrat Joe Lowe 21%, independent Michael Myers 11%, undecided 10%. See question 14. There are alternate gubernatorial results because it is not certain whom the Republican nominee will be.

For U.S. Senate, the results are: Republican Mike Rounds 44%, Democrat Rick Weiland 30%, independent Larry Pressler 17%, independent Gordon Howie 3%, independent Clayton Walker 2%, undecided 5%.

Although both the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party are on the ballot, neither one of them was able to have a nominee for either Governor or U.S. Senator, because it is so difficult for a member of a small qualified party to get on that party’s primary ballot. Both offices require 250 signatures of party members. The two parties will have nominees for some other statewide offices. Thanks to PoliticalWire for the link.

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