Constitution Party On Ballot This Year in One County in Alabama

Although Alabama will be one of only two, three or four states with no statewide minor party or independent candidates on the November 2014 ballot, the Constitution Party will be on the ballot in Marshall County, Alabama. Alabama lets parties qualify in just part of the state. The party’s Marshall County petition has been checked.

The Libertarian Party expects to be on the Alabama ballot this year in the Sixth U.S. House district, centered on Birmingham, although it is still waiting for verification of its petition in one county.


Constitution Party On Ballot This Year in One County in Alabama — No Comments

  1. LP is now officially on in Jefferson, Chilton and Bibb counties and probably have more than enough in Shelby although we are still taking more there. We still need more signatures in Coosa and Blount counties. If we complete the remaining three successfully we will have access in the 6th US House.

    We have 16 candidates nominated so far. In addition to US House we have quite a few candidates for state legislature, county commission, and county positions (Sheriff, Coroner, Tax Assessor etc) in Jefferson, Shelby and Bibb counties. We are looking for more candidates in all six counties from now to June 1st.

    This will be the first time LPA has candidates on the ballot with party label since 2006 when we had one single state house candidate in the 79th, and the first time since 2002 that we have had multiple LP candidates on the ballot. We have had our national presidential tickets on the ballot without a party label in 2004, 2008 and 2012. Last LP presidential ticket with a party label in Alabama was Browne-Olivier in 2000.

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