California List of Declared Write-ins for Federal and State Office Now Available

The California Secretary of State has posted the list of declared write-in candidates for the June 3, 2014 primary, for Congress and partisan state office.

There are 21 such races in which only one person filed to be on the June ballot. Among those 21 races, a write-in candidate, or several, filed in all but four of those races. Obviously, in these races, if just one write-in candidate filed, that person will place second and will appear on the November ballot, assuming that write-in candidate gets at least one write-in. It is now possible to know that in three races, there will be a minor party member on the November ballot.

The only write-in candidate in U.S. House district 44 is Peace & Freedom Party member Adam Shbeita, who has an Orange County postal mailing address. He will oppose Democratic incumbent Janice Hahn in November. The district is in southwestern Los Angeles County.

The only write-in candidate for Assembly, district 5, is Libertarian Patrick D. Hogan of Madera County. He will run against Republican incumbent Frank Bigelow.

The only write-in candidate for Assembly, district 79, is American Independent Party member George R. Williams of San Diego County. He will run against Democratic incumbent Shirley Weber.

The races that will have only one name on the November ballot, with no write-in space, are Assembly districts 23, 58, 59, and 80. No write-ins filed in those districts, even though if anyone had filed, that person would have been guaranteed a spot on the November ballot.


California List of Declared Write-ins for Federal and State Office Now Available — 5 Comments

  1. CA-44 is in Los Angeles County. The write-in candidate, Adam Shbeita, according to his party registration history was a Republican in Orange County until 2012, when he registered with the Peace&Freedom party in Los Angeles County.

    In 2012, he was a write-in candidate for CA-37 (in Los Angeles County) against Karen Bass, but finished 2nd among 3 write-in candidates in that district. The address on his 2014 bid appears to be a mail box at a parcel mail service in Anaheim (in Orange County).

  2. The 4 Assembly folks with NO opposition show the fraud of the top 2 primary combined with the safe seat gerrymander districts involved.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.


    RAUL GARCIA Democratic
    1799 ORCHID LN
    WASCO, CA 93280
    (661) 772-3477 (Business)

    MIKE BIGLAY Republican
    10047 PRETORIA RD
    TEHACHAPI, CA 93561
    (661) 810-5593 (Business)
    (661) 810-5357 (Residence)

    GAIL K. LIGHTFOOT Libertarian
    849 MESA DR
    (805) 481-3434 (Business)


    RONALD L. PORTER No Party Preference
    RIDGECREST, CA 93555
    (510) 499-6435 (Residence)

  4. I voted for Bernie Sanders by write in on my mail in ballot. Will any of my ballot count?

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