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New York Independence Party Cross-Endorses Democrats for All Statewide Offices

On May 23, the New York Independence Party state leaders endorsed Democrats for all four statewide positions. See this story. Technically the party nominates by primary, but when the leadership supports certain statewide candidates, they automatically qualify for the party’s primary ballot and anyone else who wants to be on that primary ballot for statewide office faces an extraordinarily difficult petition hurdle.

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  1. Joshua H.

    Interesting. It’ll be even more interesting though as to whether the Working Families Party eventually accepts Howie Hawkins’ idea of cross endorsing him as the Green Party’s gubernatorial candidate.
    Apparently a poll released a few days ago from Quinnipiac University has a hypothetical WFP candidate at 22%, so there seems to be the potential for a GP-WFP alliance to get 20+ percent of the vote, if such poll numbers continue and they can use them to successfully kill the “spoiler theory” in the gubernatorial race. From what I can see there’s quite a bit of discontent against Cuomo there, so it’s definitely possible.

  2. Joseph McNiesh

    In 2010, WF got 146,000 votes (3%).
    Greens got 59,000 votes (1%). The poll is wrong.
    Gov. Andrew Cuomo got the legislature to pass budgets
    ON TIME four years in a row!
    He also kept spending increases to 2% EACH YEAR!
    Cuomo will get Republican votes to offset
    Democratic loses.

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