Populist Group in Fresno Makes Eclectic Candidate Recommendations

FresnoForward.com is a politics blog in Fresno, California. It also has a television arm. Here are its recommendations for the June 3 California primary. The group supports the Green Party members running for Treasurer and Controller, and says it endorses them because of their support for a state bank. The group also supports Orly Taitz, independent for Attorney General. Most of its recommendations are for Republicans. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for the link.


Populist Group in Fresno Makes Eclectic Candidate Recommendations — No Comments

  1. ORLY Taitz files frivolous lawsuits, has never won a case, has been sanctioned and admonished and wants to nullify federal law. How could you possibly endorse this clown?

  2. Scott J Tepper– There is not another attorney in this country that has the character, courage, drive and determination that Orly Taitz has for the righteous causes which she takes on. Just because she has had to try these cases before a bunch of dishonest, corrupt, and criminal judges, who are covering up for the criminal in the White House and perpetrating the most outrageous crime and fraud on the American people in the history of this country, does not mean that she is not right and will be successful in the end. cowardly Obot gutter snipes like you sir should crawl back under your rock that you crawled out from under and keep your imbecilic comments about decent people of high character to yourself. Clown you say, indeed not sir and I use the term loosely. The proper word is COURAGEOUS.

  3. “Yes, there is a conspiracy, indeed there are a great number of conspiracies, all tripping each other up… the main thing that I learned about conspiracy theories is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in the conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic. The truth is, that it is not the Jewish banking conspiracy, or the grey aliens, or the twelve-foot reptiloids from another dimension that are in control, the truth is far more frightening; no-one is in control, the world is rudderless.”

  4. Taitz’s case lose because she is wrong on the law and on the facts. There is no conspiracy of dishonest judges.

    There is nothing courageous about tilting at windmills.

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