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Former Takoma Park City Councilmember Will be a Green Party Nominee for Maryland Legislature

Dan Robinson, a former city councilmember of Takoma Park, Maryland, has filed as a Green Party nominee for the lower house of the legislature this year. See this story. The districts elects three members. Thanks to Michael for the link.

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  1. Pete Healey

    This blog post, or article, doesn’t mention the method of electing three members in this district. Does anyone have information about how they do it, or can point to some source for that information?

  2. Jim Riley

    Maryland has 47 legislative districts, each of which elects one senator and 3 delegates (the lower house is the House of Delegates).

    A legislative district may be subdivided into 3 delegate districts (eg LD 1 is divided into 1A, 1B, and 1C) which each elect 1 delegate; or it may be subdivided into 2 delegate districts (eg LD 3 is divided into 3A and 3B, with one electing two delegates, and the other one delegate); or it may be kept whole, electing 3 delegates.

    Generally, the single member delegate districts are in the more remote areas (away from Baltimore and Washington).

    In the multi-member delegate districts, each voter may vote for up to three (or two) candidates with the candidates elected by plurality.

    In LD 20, there are 9 Democratic candidates, including 1 incumbent, seeking the 3 Democratic nominations, and no Republicans. In November there will be 3 Democratic and 1 Green candidate on the ballot.

    Since Maryland holds legislative elections every 4 years, this is the first election since redistricting following the census.

    Here is the website campaign for Dan Robinson


    Note that he urges voters to save one of their 3 votes for him.

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