First Week of Trial over Florida U.S. House Redistricting Ends; Some Testimony is Damaging to the Legislature

Here is an account of the first week of the trial in the state court lawsuit over Florida U.S. House redisticting. The Florida Constitution gives the legislature authority to carry out districting for U.S. House, but says the legislature must draw lines that do not help or harm any particular party. According to the article, the legislature had maintained that the boundaries for certain districts had been suggested by a particular student. But, on the stand, that individual student testified he had not suggested any district boundaries, and that the e-mail that was allegedly sent by him was not, in fact, written or sent by him.

Some attorneys for the legislature have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block an order of the State Supreme Court that said internal communications from legislators to other legislators and consultants can be introduced into evidence. See this story. The request to the U.S. Supreme Court was made on Wednesday, May 28, and the U.S. Supreme Court hasn’t responded yet. In the U.S. Supreme Court, the case is Bainter v League of Women Voters of Florida, 13A1174.


First Week of Trial over Florida U.S. House Redistricting Ends; Some Testimony is Damaging to the Legislature — No Comments

  1. One more fraud activity.

    The gerrymander MONSTERS making the gerrymanders now have computerized gerrymander programs with prior election data — e.g. votes for Obama in 2008 — along with the 2010 Census data.

    Result – INSTANT pack/crack gerrymanders with about 97 plus percent accuracy.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  2. Regarding the request to stay the order to introduce communication between political consultants and legislators into the record in connection with as yet never-upheld state constitutional standard of political free boundaries, well seems like an easy decision if the voter or their constitutional rights matter at all. But wait, I forgot about the right of consultants to thwart that kind of thing, so they can receive maximum compensation for their trade secrets.

    I hope when this particular decision is made, an opportunity to be eloquent isn’t missed.

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