Ballot Access News Hopes to Increase Awareness of Itself; Will Try to Make Use of Facebook

If you enjoy reading blog posts here, please consider “Liking” Ballot Access News on the Facebook page for Ballot Access News. I have not paid attention to Facebook, but a friend of this blog who wishes to remain anonymous says Facebook can help spread the word.


Ballot Access News Hopes to Increase Awareness of Itself; Will Try to Make Use of Facebook — No Comments

  1. “Will try to make use of Facebook”. I had to chuckle a bit seeing as I know where you’re coming from there. I’m probably the only 24 year old that’s not constantly on Facebook. I did start an account at one point, but I never really posted anything on it; I never liked the idea of randomly posting stuff about myself for the whole world to see to begin with. I might one day make use of it for professional means (I’m currently studying Journalism), but probably not now. I wish you luck though. More people need to visit this website so they can make more informed choices at election time.

  2. The USA Parliament has eighteen facebook pages. One of them is used by Bengal students who post about oppression of indigenous people:

    We’ve been able to connect with people around the country, the world and a lot of our unity has been generated through multiple people having identical vote-counting results in our elections.

    If you believe in the concept “the more the better”, then facebook is great, and it’s very helpful in expanding your reach to many diverse people in politics every day.

    The reason why we’re successful on facebook is because we’re about mathematical unity and that’s grounded our activity like no simple rhetoric can do.

  3. I have a facebook page for the ‘Proportional Representation Party’. I find it useful and I sometimes repost news items that I find here. I endeavor to always show the link to this page or acknowledge that it came from here. Though our numbers are small the demographic skews young.

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