Texas Gubernatorial Poll Includes All Four Candidates

On June 12, a University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll was released for the Texas gubernatorial race. The results: Republican Greg Abbott 44%; Democrat Wendy Davis 32%; Libertarian Kathie Glass 3%; Green Party nominee Brandon Parmer 1%; “someone else” 3%; undecided 17%. Those four candidates will be the only ones on the ballot.


Texas Gubernatorial Poll Includes All Four Candidates — No Comments

  1. There are some nominees from the LPT this year that should draw especial notice. One is Federal Senate nominee Rebecca Paddock, as the D and R are both male and the D has no chance of winning. Another is Atorney-General contender Balagia (who might draw votes from NORML members) and Ag Commissioner nominee Palmquist, since the D will run virtually no campaign.

    The candidate for JP in Rusk County should also do well.

    Jeff D.

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