Christian Science Monitor Article on Whether Eric Cantor’s Defeat Was Partly Caused by Strategic Voting by Democrats

This Christian Science Monitor article discusses the June 3 primary in Virginia’s 7th U.S. House District, in which incumbent Eric Cantor was defeated for re-nomination. It considers the claims that two particular Democratic activists influenced partisan Democratic voters to vote in the open Republican primary against Cantor, not because they favored his Republican opponent, but to injure the Republican Party. However, the article seems to suggest that these claims are overblown.


Christian Science Monitor Article on Whether Eric Cantor’s Defeat Was Partly Caused by Strategic Voting by Democrats — No Comments

  1. Single-winner elections are always going to be divisive and the political reporting will reflect this divisive psychology as long as plurality single-winner districts are being used.

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  2. This could easily be tested. Compare the Republican share of the vote in past elections, such as the gubernatorial election last year with the turnout in the primary.

    Incidentally, Cantor was stronger in the parts of the district in the Washington suburbs/exurns such as Spotsylvania and the city of Richmond, which are more Democratic than the rest of the district.

  3. I just heard from my counter-part Secretary Dorothy Collins [Democratic], that the progressive democrats, did spend a lot of money defeating Cantor, that he never saw it coming and that the same progressive democrats are now expecting to win the Virginia district from the far right victorious GOP candidate.

  4. The district is GOP and nominee Brat will win, but I have no doubt the Democrats will have fun tossing a few peppers into the gumbo.

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