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Grist Carries Story About Jessica Spear, the Socialist Alternative Candidate for Washington State Legislature

Grist is an on-line magazine that has news about environmental issues and activism. It has existed since 1999 and is centered in Seattle. Grist has this article about Jessica Spear, the only Socialist Alternative Party candidate for any federal or state office this year. Spear is running in the same legislative district which the Socialist Alternative Party contested in 2012. In the 2012 election, the Socialist Alternative Party nominee, Kshama Sawant, polled 29.37% of the vote against her only opponent, Democratic Speaker Frank Chopp.

As was the case in 2012, this year the speaker has no other opponents except the Socialist Alternative Party candidate. Washington state doesn’t permit party labels longer than 15 characters, so both Sawant and Spear are on the ballot as “Socialist Altern”.

This year, Washington state has only one minor party candidate for U.S. House, Green Party candidate Douglas Milholland. Washington state has no statewide offices up this year. There are no minor party candidates for State Senate. For State House, there are twelve Libertarians, and one Green. Seven of the Libertarians are in races in which only two candidates filed for the August 5 primary, so they will automatically be on the November ballot as well, barring an extremely unlikely write-in candidacy in the primary. Thanks to Thomas MacMillan for the link.

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  1. Linde Knighton

    Good for the Libertarians for fielding so many candidates. If we can break the 2 party monopoly, we could get things done in this state. Vermont broke the 2 party system, and now is actually passing good laws.
    The Greens have been working hard too, add 3 people running for local office.
    Please READ about every candidate, instead of voting on autopilot. Learn to love those 3rd party and Indy candidates who have courage, tell the truth, and would get things done.

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