New North Carolina U.S. Senate Poll

On June 17, Public Policy Polling released a U.S. Senate poll for North Carolina. The results: Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan 39%, Republican Thom Tillis 34%, Libertarian Sean Haugh 11%, undecided 16%. See here for more details. A supplemental question asks about support for the major party candidates if the Libertarian were not in the race, and it shows that Haugh’s showing is not altering the outcome.


New North Carolina U.S. Senate Poll — No Comments

  1. Interesting poll. The Libertarian is now far ahead of the distance between the D and the R. Whoever wins (if it is a D or and R), someone will blame the L for “spoiling the election.” And so it goes.

  2. They always do, regardless of the outcome, as long as their is an alternative party candidate present sadly. I hope he continues to build support and make it a real race between three candidates.

  3. I’m going to vote for OOTA – “one of the above” – and let the board of elections figure out which one I voted for.

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