Second Candidate Enters Race for District of Columbia Attorney General

On June 18, Mark Tuohey, a prominent attorney, entered the race for District of Columbia Attorney General. See this story. There are now two candidates; Mark Zukerberg had been the only candidate. It was Zukerberg who won the court battle to hold the election for Attorney General.

It is still not clear how the election will be conducted, because the ballot measure setting up the office said the Attorney General would be elected in a partisan race, yet D.C. already held its partisan primaries this year, back on April 1. Both Zukerberg and Tuohey are Democrats.

A popular election for the post of Attorney General gives activists an opportunity to raise objections to various unfair D.C. election laws. The District of Columbia prints write-in space on the November ballot for President, and allows presidential candidates to file as declared write-in candidates. However, the Board of Elections refuses to tally the votes for declared write-in presidential candidates. An actual election campaign between candidates for Attorney General could give activists a chance to question all the candidates about this voting rights violation. Also, D.C. is one of only a handful of jurisdictions in the nation that require more signatures to get on the ballot for President than for other jurisdiction-wide office, and that could also be raised.


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