Orange County, North Carolina, Republicans Actively Petitioning for an Independent Candidate

The Orange County, North Carolina, Republican Party is actively working on the petition drive of an independent candidate for Register of Deeds for the county. North Carolina has very stringent requirements for independent candidates, and independent candidates for partisan county office need 4% of the registered voters.

The independent candidate, Gayle Chaney, needs 4,300 valid signatures by noon, June 27, Friday. Although independent candidates for multi-county office are due June 12, petitions submitted to counties have an additional fifteen days. Chaney is a registered Republican, but North Carolina, like most states, does not bar individuals from being independent candidates, even if they are members of a party.

No Republican had filed to run in the Republican primary for Register of Deeds. But in the Democratic primary, held May 6, the incumbent Democratic Register of Deeds was narrowly defeated by another Democrat who promises to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. If the Republicans had known this would happen in the Democratic primary, they would have run someone. The petition drive is being handled out of the county Republican headquarters. Thanks to Jordon Greene for this link to the web page of the North Carolina Values Coalition.

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