Former Rhode Island Auditor to Run for State Treasurer as an Independent

Ernie Almonte, who was Rhode Island’s Auditor 1994-2010, will run for State Treasurer this year as an independent candidate. He and the Democratic nominee will be the only names on the November ballot. See this story. Almonte is considered to have a chance of winning, although his chances would be better if the new law, eliminating the straight-ticket device, had gone into effect this year instead of 2015. Thanks to Michael for the news.


Former Rhode Island Auditor to Run for State Treasurer as an Independent — No Comments

  1. Everyone, let’s all start trying to identify and attract candidates who are interested in a unifying “all party (and independents)” voting system across the USA and world. We can compile a list of them and try to organize and synchronize.

    We got a “like” for this from Rhode Island’s Libertarian Tony Jones for Lt. Governor but we need more teamwork. If you’re into politics lets work together for pure proportional representation!

    We’re electing a Shadow Cabinet in California between August 10th and September 10th, and we don’t mind helping other states elect a UNITED COALITION too.

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