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Lower State Court Removes Both Illinois Initiatives from Ballot

On June 23, a lower state court in Illinois removed both initiatives from the ballot. See this story. One initiative would impose legislative term limits; the other would set up a redistricting commission.

Everyone agrees that the term limits has enough valid signatures, but whether the redistricting initiative has enough valid signatures is still contested. But the court ruling related to whether initiatives on those two subjects are even possible under the Illinois Constitution, which does not permit statewide initiatives unless they relate to the legislature. The decision on the term limits initiative will be quickly appealed to the State Supreme Court. The redistricting initiative proponents concede their proposal won’t be on the 2014 ballot.

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  1. Jim Riley

    Here is a link to the decision:


    The decision is finer than “related to the legislature”, but rather “structural and procedural changes contained in Article IV”. Article IV is about the legislature.

    The judge ruled that term limits are neither structural or procedural. While they would disqualify individuals from being re-elected this would not change the structure or procedures of the body as a whole.

    While other changes, such as making all terms 4-years, changing the number of members of the legislature, and changing the veto procedure were structural and procedural, the judge said that these were not sufficient to cure term limits.

    Previously the Illinois Supreme Court had ruled that “structural and procedural” required both aspects. Pat Quinn’s initiative to get rid of cumulative voting also changed the size of the legislature, thus qualified as both procedural and structural.

    The original intent of limiting the initiative to legislative matters, was because it was unlikely that the legislature would propose amendments that would affect the private welfare of the members. Term limits is certainly a prime example.

  2. Demo Rep

    ALL of the State legislatures since 1776 are EVIL and VICIOUS ANTI-Democracy minority rule pack/crack gerrymander oligarchy regimes

    — all tending to be de facto monarchy regimes if the State Guv is part of the gerrymander conspiracy in the State involved.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V. — before Civil WAR II starts.

  3. The initiative system in Illinois is like a “no-claim” insurance policy. It’s all well and good to have, just never try and use it.

  4. Gene

    Way too long! Not pertinent to ballot access!

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