Lawrence Lessig’s Proposed SuperPac to Work for Public Funding of Congressional Campaigns Nears Pledge Goal

Professor Lawrence Lessig is actively working to create a SuperPAC that would spend its money to help congressional candidates who will work to pass a public funding bill in 2015. The SuperPac has been soliciting pledges. The pledges will not be payable unless the effort reaches a goal of $5,000,000 in pledges by the end of July 4, Hawaii time. As of 1:30 p.m. Hawaii time, $4,778,325 has been pledged.

If the SuperPac, called MayDay, reaches its goal, the funds will be more than matched by various wealthy individuals, and the PAC will have $12,000,000, or close to it. That money could then be used for independent expenditures in favor of congressional candidates who will work for public funding. The plan is to spend the money in 5 U.S. House districts, and those districts will be chosen and announced by July 15.

See for more information. One possible disincentive for some potential donors is that the donation part of the web page asks donors if they wish the money spent on Democratic candidates, or Republican candidates. There is no option for the donor to ask that the money be spent on a candidate not nominated by either major party.

Meanwhile, the bill in the U.S. House for public funding, H.R. 20, now has 156 co-sponsors. It gained six co-sponsors in May, but only two in June. Thanks to Jacqui Deveneau for the link.

UPDATE: Lessig’s goal was met. The web page shows pledges of $5,160,429.


Lawrence Lessig’s Proposed SuperPac to Work for Public Funding of Congressional Campaigns Nears Pledge Goal — No Comments

  1. One more STUNT action – like term limits and top 2 primaries.

    THE problem is the ANTI-Democracy minority rule gerrymanders in the U.S.A. — causing the TYRANT stuff in USA Prezs, State Guvs and local mayors.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  2. There is a question about accountability to those manage the private and public monies. Simply giving money to candidates won’t work unless there is a highly advanced voting system that holds them accountable and also doesn’t block anyone from equal access.

    You can claim you’re for equality and unity, you can claim you’re an expert at such and such, but if you can’t demonstrate and back your claims up then you lose credibility.

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