Chris McDaniel Asks Mississippi Supreme Court to Provide Access to Primary Election Records

According to this story, Chris McDaniel, who lost the Mississippi Republican run-off for U.S. Senate last month, has asked the Mississippi Supreme Court to order certain county election officials to provide all records from that primary. McDaniel believes that the number of voters who voted in the Democratic primary, and then the Republican run-off primary, is greater than the margin of victory by which he lost. Mississippi law forbids voters from voting in the run-off primary of one party if they had voted earlier that year in the primary of another party.

McDaniel also has a federal lawsuit, but that case has been delayed, first because it was filed in the wrong U.S. District Court, and then after it was filed in the correct U.S. District Court, the new judge recused himself because he is a friend of Senator Thad Cochran, the opponent of McDaniel.

The case in the State Supreme Court is In re: Chris McDaniel, 2014-M-967.

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