Mississippi Poll Shows 66% Want to Retain Open Primary

On July 15, Public Policy Polling released this Mississippi poll. It shows that 66% of respondents want to retain the open primary that Mississippi has always had. It also asks about the U.S. Senate race, and includes all three candidates on the November ballot.

Assuming the Republican nominee is Thad Cochran, the results are: Cochan 40%, Democrat Travis Childers 24%, Reform Party nominee Shawn O’Hara 5%, undecided 31%.

If the Republican run-off primary results are overturned and Chris McDaniel becomes the Republican nominee, the results are: Childers 37%, McDaniel 36%, O’Hara 4%, undecided 23%.

Only twice before has a minor party nominee polled as much as 4% for U.S. Senate in Mississippi: (1) in 1918 the Socialist Party nominee polled 4.96%; (2) in 2002, the Reform Party nominee, who was also Shawn O’Hara and who was the only opponent of Senator Cochran, polled 15.42%. Thanks to Political Wire for the link.

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