SuperPAC Formed to Work for Public Funding of Congressional Campaigns Will Announce Spending Plans on July 21

Mayday, the SuperPAC formed by Lawrence Lessig to work for public funding of congressional campaigns, will announce how it will spend its resources this year on July 21. Mayday has raised $12,000,000, and it will spend the money this year on independent expenditures on behalf of five congressional candidates who will pledge to work for a public funding bill in Congress in 2015.

This Washington Post article
mentions some of the wealthy individuals who have contributed to Mayday. It is notable that Peter Thiel, who is considered to be libertarian in his views, and who has supported Ron Paul, is among those who is contributing to Mayday.

The 2014 spending will only be on behalf of Democratic and/or Republican candidates for Congress. Thanks to the Center for Competitive Politics for the link.


SuperPAC Formed to Work for Public Funding of Congressional Campaigns Will Announce Spending Plans on July 21 — No Comments

  1. How much to do a petition for — guess what —

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V. ???

  2. The problem you have here is that no one can get behind a team which itself uses PR, there are many different voting systems which proclaim to be proportional, there are those who advocate a particular political party (or independent) and finally the psychology of division which is engrained into peoples’ minds.

    A good example is the “six states” project which seeks to divide rather than unite.
    * * *

    The 9th USA Parliament is a unity organization begun in 1995 and coincidentally we picked the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system, Hagnebach-Bischoff method, ranked choice voting (RCV) in multi-winner districts of two or more.

    We’ve been promoting and inviting people to join us for 19 consecutive years because it works so well.

    In politics, it is accepted to treat people rude.

    Many people in this field either don’t understand the math or they’re quick to disparage or berate those supporting a good mathematically neutral project.

    But should anyone want to work together under a pure proportional representation voting system, it’s a new positive voting system that rewards people for being good team players and we at the 9th USA Parliament are eager to join them should they meet the standards for mathematical perfection which we insist.

    Often times it’s a matter of being able to think on one’s feet, to answer a phone call or facebook message, or to accept an invitation to be on a team.

    Mr. Lisgig is good example of someone whom I have personally tried to contact but he isn’t reachable. And for those who we do speak to and who had responded unfavorably I say; “we aren’t able to go back again and again so when you have a change of heart let us know (not visa versa)”.

    To everyone who has turned us down in the past as co-conspirators we say; “All is forgiven, give us a call when you’re ready to coordinate! We’re not snobs! We love to talk on the phone and work for a good cause.”

    Very truly yours,
    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    (831) 383-1409

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