New York Governor Plans to Create the “Women’s Equality Party” and Place it on the Ballot

Allies of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo plan to petition to get the “Women’s Equality Party” on the November ballot. The party would nominate Cuomo, so he would then be on the ballot with four lines: Democratic, Working Families, Independence, and Women’s Equality. See this story.


New York Governor Plans to Create the “Women’s Equality Party” and Place it on the Ballot — No Comments

  1. Sounds like Cuomo is borrowing Quinn and Darth Madigan’s playbook. What Howie needs to do is to use the decent media attention he’s been getting to call them out on it and show that the Green Party’s been supporting women’s rights (and civil rights and liberties in general) since its founding about three decades ago.
    And of course, the NY times is quite blatantly siding with Cuomo and the Democrats, because there is nary a mention of Howie’s campaign in that story aside from the allusion to the “someone else” the WFP was supposedly threatening to nominate, and broad uses of the word left.

  2. Howie Howkins is simply the usual tactic of division and conflict, and he has no understanding of how nominations and voting under advanced voting systems will unite. He has no tool for working with people and so the establishment media sees nothing new.

    California is leading the way in unity by electing a “Mock Unity Coalition” of the seven state offices; Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Controller and Insurance Commissioner between August 10th and September 10th in time for the 2014 state elections.

    Our team is united on the international, national and state levels and we’re promoting this unity phenomena as an alternative to the business as usual “us vs them” that Howie Howkins finds himself embroiled.

    Our team members are in a system that rewards the participants for being the best team players.

    As an example of good PR generated by people of differing political philosophies, look at the following article to see how men promoting women, unity and teamwork results in good publicity and victory too.

    NOTE: In 2012, Ballot Access news however reported incorrectly that I was the only candidate who paid $1000. to access the ballot but the truth is that the ballot access was free and I was the only LP candidate who bothered to access this primary – the only state primary which fell before the national LP convention which allowed LP candidates.

    Note also that the voters rewarded my efforts for being a unity candidate with 52.7 percent of the votes in this Missouri primary and so they did respond well to the strategy.

    As you can see gender was also a major theme:

    The sort of PR generated by the lawsuits and conflict perpetuated by Ballot Access News pales in comparison to the fresh uplifting news of teamwork, unity, putting others ahead of yourself in multi-winner elections and the ramifications for bringing diverse people together.

    Howie Hawkins’ troubles can only be blamed on Howie Hawkins himself, the people he surrounds himself with and the Green Party of New York.

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